About Me

I am fortunate enough to live in the North East of England, a place which is not only rich in history but also rich in wildlife.  I always knew this place was special but until recently I did not fully appreciate the amazing array of habitats and species that are literally on my doorstep.

This blog is about my experiences with nature here in the North East of England, as well as my thoughts on the natural world and the issues which affect it.

I don’t have a background in ecology or the natural sciences, just a fascination with wildlife and a desire to learn more, as well as to experience as much as I can.  If I can ever escape the ‘rat race’ I would love to somehow make a new career which allowed me to work to preserve and enhance the natural world.

I am certainly no expert and have a lot of learning to do but perhaps my blog will inspire others to take a look at the wildlife on their doorsteps, to enjoy it and to maybe get involved to conserve it if it ever needs a helping hand.

Thanks for reading.

© Samuel Fisher https://monkseatonnatureboyblog.wordpress.com (2016)

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Danny Alder

    Hi Sam, Great blog lots of interesting stuff and I learnt a few things too…but that’s what makes the natural world so fascinating. I’d love to come up for a nature walk sometime…lets sort that for 2015. Love to one and all.


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