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Screaming into the wind

Lead is a highly toxic metal, harmful to both humans and wildlife. It has not been used in water pipes since the 1970s, was phased out as an additive to paint by the 1980s and as an additive to petrol by the 1990s. Yet somehow in the UK and elsewhere it is still used in ammunition, 2,000 tonnes of which is deposited in our natural environment each year, to poison our soils, our watercourses and our wildlife.

In late 2014, the UK was party to the inter-governmental Convention on Migratory Species which committed to end the poisoning of migratory birds by phasing out the use of lead ammunition by 2017.

The UK’s own Lead Ammunition Group, a partnership of key stakeholders brought together to advise the Government, can surely only conclude that lead ammunition must be phased out. Yet still the UK Government does nothing.

What’s going on?

If you agree that the release of a toxic metal into our natural environment has gone on far too long, please sign Rob Sheldon’s e-petition.