Monthly Archives: October 2015


St Mary's

Early morning found me at St Mary’s for an hour or so, just to see what was about. As I arrived the sun was rising and a flock of two or three hundred Lapwing were circling overhead. A while later they were joined by around a hundred Golden Plover, calling as the flew over.

I had a good poke around in the willows hoping for an owl freshly arrived from Scandinavia but the best I could do was a Kestrel hovering over the grassy headland (which was fine by me). The wetland area was full of new arrivals however, as the bushes were alive with Goldcrests makingĀ their tiny contact calls. Good views were afforded of the birdsĀ flitting about catching insects and also giving the berries a try but they would not stay still for a photo!


On the beach the tide was just beginning to recede and a good number of Turnstones were feeding where the waves broke on the shore. They were joined by one or two Dunlin, Ringed Plover and Sanderling but most of the waders were still on St Mary’s island waiting for the low tide.

I also counted at least ten Pipits feeding on the rocks and amongst the sea weed and they were being joined by what seemed like a constant stream of new arrivals. On my way back I couldn’t resist another look in at the wetland and spotted a nice pair of Greenfinch which were feeding on berries. A great way to start any day!